Touched Thy Stare

Frizzy were hair, heavenly was a smile,
Gleaming and pleasing, looked for a while (1)

Blown like a flower, might came from woods,
Twinkling were eyes, like bubbly fresh woo (2)

Shine was superb, and swayed like ripple,
Sang she Sonnet, emotions stirred (3)

Appeared in a dream, and smiled like a moon,
Winked like stars, whispered “Coming Soon” (4)

Thought it a dream, charming starry stream,
Glittered like a gold, pure like a hymn (5)

Wow! She walked, dancing fairy dame,
Flashing her eyes, felt sweet gem (6)

Dreamy was a she, or was she real?
Left me swinging, Ah! The smile was real (7)

Touched thy stare, my inner most core,
She moved in me, left mark everywhere (8)

She entered in me, like plane stowaway,
Robbed me, Daredevil! and ran far away (9)

Emotions sprinkled, singing folklore,
Flown that beauty, spreading galore (10)

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