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The All Time Greatest Genius Teacher of Ancient India – Acharya Chanakya

प्रेरक: सूचकश्चैववाचकोदर्शकस्तथा| शिक्षकोबोधकोश्चैवषडेतेगुरव: स्मृता: || A Teacher is that who inspires, who gives appropriate instructions and guidance, who helps to search for truth, who imparts knowledge and who awakens and illuminates. Bharat Ratna Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on September 5, 1888, in a middle class family in Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Radhakrishnan had taught at University […]

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Love You, Jungfraujoch

Fast was the train, and fast was the rain, Running through mountains, flying above cranes………… Cranes were beautiful and snow-clad peaks, Deep and pleasing, valleys were serene….. Greenish were trees and tiny were shrubs Lurking through pines, creating beauty hubs……. Fewer were travellers, came across the globe, Trotted through oceans, cultural assemblage…….. All were different, […]

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