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A Story of Pollution

(A Story of Pollution)

This is a story of pollution,
Which has A Solution.
This is time for Resolution, Revitalization,
And Revolution.
Many are babbling,
Causing Noise pollution.
Uncountable wants to portray,
Visual pollution.
Countless demanding freedom,
Creating thoughts-pollution.
Whirling around N-Theories,
Doing Mind pollution.
Mushrooming faiths around,
Raising Doctrines’ pollution.
Systems of worships,
Initiating Contradictory-pollution.
Political ideologies,
Erupting Electoral-pollution.
Constitutional distorting,
Unprecedented pollution.
Suppressed historical facts,
Generations’ pollution.
In Society, ridiculous
Trends’ pollution.
In Hindi films
Anti-India Pollution.
Many political streams
All sort of pollution.
Scientists are aghast
To find so many pollutions,
But not in sight any solution.
Time has come for Social Engineers
To find out Root Cause,
And nip in bud the pollutants.
But unless, people at large,
Do not cleanse their minds,
No solution can kill pollution.
Everywhere there is
Disorientation and distortion,
Disputes and discrepancies,
Claims and counter-claims,
Race for superiority,
Competition for supremacy,
Rush for dominance,
Cutthroat competition.
For ‘I am The superior’.
Adults are behaving like kids,
And Kids are behaving
Like untimely grown-ups.
Technologies are destroying
Values and tenets.
Education making
Artificial minds.
Humans are thinking
Like robots, forgetting the core.
Thinkers are mum,
Preachers are completely,
Hapless & helpless.
Leaders becoming dealers,
Gods are becoming
Brands, Trade-Marks & Copyrights.
Colors are indicative
Symbols for fighting.
Flags are becoming
Coat of Arms to fight for.
Slogans are becoming
Mantras for mob-frenzy.
Shouting becoming
Synchronized rupture.
Social fabric getting torn-up,
Fading away Warp and Weft
Of Affinity, Intimacy & Empathy.
Unruly consumption
Of natural resources,
Drying the rivulets,
Melting the glaciers,
Flooding the rivers,
Raising the water levels,
Erupting volcanoes,
Inflaming the wild fires,
Burning temperatures,
Alas! But not melting the minds….
God, Allah, or Parmeshwar
He is waiting for what?
I tell you Friends, there is No God,
Sitting above in the Heaven,
Who will descend down for us all….
Realize and embrace the
Ultimate reality,
God resides within us All.
We can only make or brake
This Planet called Earth.
Light will be there if,
We decide to bear
The Torch of Sublimity.
Else we all shall sink
In no time, in deep dark hell.
Choice is with us,
To choose our future,
At least for posterity.
Progression or Regression,
Aggression or Submission,
Holding hands to embrace, or
Stabbing the souls,
Illuminating the faces,
Or darkening the blots.
We can swim to together,
To pick the pearls, or
Dive down to dip and end.
Upsurge is possible, still,
Time is with us, but Now.
As time does not wait for anybody.
Resolve resolutely to reaffirm
Faith in humanity, but not
Sacrificing the core of existence,
Nation, Nationhood & Dharm,
After all.
धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षत: |
तस्माद्धर्मौ न हन्तव्यौ मानो धर्मौ हतोSवधीत् ||८.१५||
[मनुस्मृती: अध्याय- ८ वा, श्लोक-१५]

| Aurangabad | May 4, 2022 | Night 23:50 |

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