Self-Talk & Self Doubt

I am chaotic and my mind is garbled
Like Never before,
I know it is wrong to think
This way,
It is not at all appropriate
To walk on this path,
Hence searching for the
Right Key,
To unlock the door,
To enter the world of
Peace & Tranquillity,
Where it will lead me to,
Is Unknown & Obscure,
But I have to trod
Till I see the ray of
Will I find it there?
Is Inexplicable,
May be or may not be,
But unless I trod
Nothing will happen,
Should I risk or remain
Just hoping to happen the

I am aware of what is
Happening to me,
Also, I think, I know that
I am not thinking in the
Right way…………….

Money is not everything,
But many things
Are controlled by money………..

Habits die hard, because
They shape the life processes,
And hence, to undo old
Processes’ resultants,
Though not impossible,
But Is
Difficult &

What should I do?
Who will answer my riddle?
My own thoughts impregnated
My emotions, which are currently,
Berserk and tumbling my
Inner world………….

I am trying my best to hold on,
And shun my useless Emotional turbulence,
But to what extent,
Will I be able to endure?
What should I do?
What should I do?
What should I do?

Mukund Bhalerao
28th March 2023 Morning: 09:39

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