Queen of Flowers (ए फुलोंकी रानी, बहारोंकी मालिका)

Hey you queen of flowers!
And empress of blossom,
Your smile is Wow,
Neither my heart is conscious,
Nor I am in my senses,
When I see deep in your eyes,
It is Oomph…..

Your lips are like rose petals,
And are like a wonderful poetry,
When your lips whisper in my ears,
Everything about our love,
It creates enchanting………

Sometime you hug me,
But hesitate at other times,
You stray away on roads
You’re lifting and dropping,
Of eyelids’ veil,
It’s really oomph my dear……..

It is chilly environment,
But clouds are youthful,
Your curly hairs are just superb,
In every difficult time,
There are place to dine and drink,
And oh my God,
You stumbling are also Wow…….

A translation of Original Hindi lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri, from a Hindi Film ‘Aarzoo’ (1965). It was sung by Muhammad Rafi and composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

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