Infinity is inability
To imagine beyond,
Because human
Mind is finite?

No, no, it’s not true
Our mind is not finite,
It is infinite but
We do not use its Power……

In reality, it is
Not true at all,
Human mind is

The power of mind
Is infinite,
Else how a poet
Could have imagined?

How otherwise seers
Would have measured
The distances between
Earth and planets?

Yes, it is true
That those seers
Have tapped the
Source, Code and ways
To decode the formula,
To deploy inherent

Latent energy
And power to invent….

They travelled to
Previous births
And retrieved the
Safely deposited data,
By them not in brain, but
In Aatman…..

They could travel
In Time and Space,
Beyond galaxies,
Beyond any
Threshold and limit……

So, only Time, Space, Mind,
And God is infinite
Everything else
Is Finite…….

© Mukund Bhalerao
Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar
Time: 13th August 2023
Evening: 17:43

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