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I am extremely gratified
That I have become Zero,
All unnecessary attachments
Waned away, true……

No anger hugs me,
No desire engulfs me
No need pushes me
To have more, anymore…….

Envy went far away
And competition ceased,
All sensory organs
Have serenely calmed…….

Now why should I
Go to temple every day,
I warship and pray Him
Inside me night & day…….

Studied in depth
Shrutis and Smrutis,
Searching unceasingly
Science of Self like
A polymath…….

Travelled seven Worlds
And seven Patals below,
But found the eternal
Truth, within Myself……

Pious and eternal That
Liberated and beautiful,
I attained the Godhood
And the light of Godhood
Is illuminating within me…….

© Mukund Bhalerao
Chatrapati Sambhaaji Nagar
Date: 21st April 2024
Time: 15:32

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