Epithet for Metaphysical Monk

Future has to come and past passed away,
Planned many things, that’s always a good way…. 1

Yes, it is true, planning has to be done,
But yes then, where is the unplanned fun…… 2

Looking like a seer, smiling like a baby,
No logic but straight way, getting in derby…… 3

Lot of laugh, sharing humour and jokes,
No worry at all, enjoying every day, folks……. 4

Success and victory, two deceptive words,
Wealth and fame, hollow, empty words…. 5

Envy and enemy, dark down and deep,
Pushes down the hell, leaving one to weep…… 6

God has a plan, for everybody, everyday
What we make and think, shall wither away…… 7

Trust Him crony, trust like a confidant,
Forget everything, leaving all your tantrums…. 8

He had never, will never leave you alone,
Shed all your doubts, you were never alone…… 9

He resides in you, besides everywhere,
Look within yourself, find him there…. 10

Sun, Moon and Himalayas, all forms, He,
He is in Me, He is in You, I am also He……. 11

There is no duality, No me and No you,
Only truth prevails, ask question thou……. 12

He never sets and He never rises,
Omnipresent He, nothing really surprises……. 13

He was Krishna, Ram, Arjun too,
God or demon, nothing is really new…. 14

Never it happened, all but, illusion,
Do not get mesmerised, Truth is Unison… 15

Never get scared, life is very simple,
Accept as received, don’t make it puzzle…… 16

Complex is nothing, and difficult too,
What do you contemplate, becomes only true… 17

It never ended, and never it was born,
Forms were changed, neither came nor gone……. 18

It is not a reality, nor an illusion too,
What is the reality, Maya! Obtuse you… 19

He will resound and, resonate in you,

Listen That ‘Om’, humming in You…… 20

He is in You, and everywhere,
Feel his love, and existence dear…… 21

Temples, and Ganges, all is true,
But all it’s there, and also flows in you…. 22

Nothing is in jungles, treasured in dens,
What you are searching, reside in your veins… 23

Invoke from Cosmos, let enter in you,
He is there, everywhere in you…… 24

No need to chant, or oblation18 making,
Pure glimpse and love, get by just praying…. 25

He is so kind, and always loves you,
Make Him you pal, and find him in you…. 26

Embrace him close, never ever before,
Receive in abundance, billions divine lore…. 27

Cosmos is willing, what about you?
Are you really ready to receive all Now? 28

Manus have Manvantaras, repeated for infinity,
Why to count in vain, that is all certainty……. 29

May times it happened, ages are countless,
Truth remain Only One, He arrived stateless… 30

Memories travelled timeless, across all the space,
Nobody could capture, the space and its essence…31

Why Ten incarnations, what forced Him to descend,
Foetus24 in a womb, for Dharm to ascend……. 32

He is in All, illuminate space with glow,
Invisible still makes, all minds blow…. 33

Beyond our minds, far from our perceptions,
He remained unseen; all are His manifestations…. 34

Sages and hermits, decoded Him afar,
Saints and devotees, all are at par……. 35

Many are the ways, rituals in abundance,
You choose you like, to reach His abode once…. 36

Some say he lives in space, water and forest,
Even some say, in temple, den and closets…. 37

Some find Him in service, and some in deeds,
Sacrament and rituals, is it real indeed? 38

A promise he made, to return on own,
When Dharm declines, or dooming deep down… 39

Let us think a while, why Dharm wanes,
Me, you and all, forget morals and then…. 40

When WANT is more, excess become need,
Selfish become core, values diminish, greed…. 41

Ancestors pass legacy, ethics and morality,
We walk unhindered, gravitate to futility…… 42

What we commit, to forefathers all,
You gave us gems; we ran for damn…… 43

Glittering is all, make us mad,
Forgetting real value, make us sad…. 44

He gives us everything, and make us happy,
Do not we believe Him, doubting His empathy…. 45

His design is unique, His wish is superb,
We don’t follow Him, and become perturb……. 46

Before we born, He bestow in womb,
Dumb we in womb, now think aplomb…. 47

Heaven to heart, he entwined for well,
Sprinkled everything, to dwell us well…… 48

Mother held us, close to her ever,
God in her, always near forever…… 49

He sang for us, and danced too,
To make us smile, but we need to woo…. 50

He becomes mother, and father of the soul,
Teacher, Guru tells, neve ever dowl…… 51

We trust Guru, and teacher, for all,
Learn, internalise, grasp that all…… 52

Retain all heard, to become intelligent,
Lose essence, always, become belligerent…. 53

We think straight, life means cosy,
Falter great men, sometimes become dozy…… 54

When essence is forgotten, words become dim,
Like fruit are ripen, but juice is missing…… 55

Vedas are learnt, but words became stale,
Meaning is lost, and alphabet defaced……… 56

We focussed on sounds, and core fade away,
God remained obscure, reality wither away…… 57

He made us learn, the purpose of Life,
We made all efforts, to roam and dine……. 58

Science of the day, mesmerise around,
Flashes our eyes, making us abound…. 60

We wish for all, car, palace and planes,
Slipped what we need, life beyond, but in vain…. 61

All eat and live, rich and poor,
What all that differ, sweet or sour? 62

Confused are we, no focus for life,
Learn but forget, what is life……. 63

All we shameless, shirk on to Him,
As if we don’t need, destine to shine…. 64

Mother feeds a baby, when it cries,
But we always expect, without making tries…… 65

Mountains can be moved, by one for all,
When wish becomes intense, make repeated try…66

Nothing is impossible, to surmount any peak,
What you need, not strength, but will…… 67

Heights are frightening, depths are drowning,
Once you determine, everything is crowning…… 68

Glory gets going, shining becomes friend,
Those who are untired, never gives up trend…. 69

Unceasing is the power, hidden inside You,
Unleash all that, waiting for you…… 70

Never it ended, never it stopped,
Patience pays guys, who never stop…. 71

River flows down, no rock can prevent,
Why we living being, falter by challenge? 72

Clouds go up, and travel through hills,
None can hold, they sway beyond every hill…. 73

Winds blows everywhere, no wall can deter,
It splashed and thrashes, but surge to dare. …. 74

Rain when dripple, make all us happy,
Blowing of the wind, cannot make it drippy…. 75

Spring invigorate surround, making all afresh,
Hopes start dancing, whirling mind refresh……. 76

But this is not the aim, to dampen or to delight,
It enslaves for us sure, losing grand twilight……. 77

He wants us to grow, manifold in mind,
Not to get entrapped, with deceptive kind……. 78

Affection afflicts badly, gravitating to ‘Wanting’,
Unquenched desire leading to needless, asking…. 79

Enough is the word, shrinking our ‘Wants’
Minimal we want, give up can’t……. 80

The more we want, the more we strive,
But that is not what, He wants us to thrive…. 81

Sages lived in dens, and in dense forest,
Away from all, leaving all at own behest…. 82

Never it was easy, never it was glam,
Arduous were ways, arduous were plans…. 83

No path was smooth, everywhere were thorns,
Ruthless were efforts, unceasing, and no gongs… 84

Years after years, tireless was penance,
Uncertainty was abounding, without happy song… 85

Days and nights, there was no charm,
Focus was pointed, to reach that Dham……. 86

No one has promised, ‘Mukti’ will meet,
Still troubling self, wishing for His ‘Meet’……. 87

Rituals and mantras, enchanting to devote,
Not only for Self, but impious to revoke…. 88

Celibacy not enough, nor saffron attire,
Temptations are huge, making them satire……. 89

It was never easy, nor was it cosy Now,
To meet Him once for Nation, not for though…. 90

Going into mountains, and raising glittery ashrams,
That was never ever the desired destination…… 91

Crowds of disciples, chanting loud hymns……
All that is hollow, bereft payers thine…. 92

He need not any, flowers and offerings,
All showy rituals, for us and not Him…. 93

Leaves, Flowers, Fruits or droplets of Water,
Will make Him happy, only by surrender…. 94

Pure full of heart, longing for His blessings,
Body, Mind and Soul, all for Him, craving…… 95

Eyes wishing His feet, to bow and to touch,
Invoking His kindness, willing for His touch…. 96

Don’t wish for world, power, wealth and fame,
Wish for his blessings, and love to reclaim…. 97

Ages have gone, and epochs were made,
Hermits learnt Vedas, preventing society dead…. 98

Gods took forms, human and the beings,
To annihilate the wrong, for Dharma’s wellbeing…99

Sages from ages, tireless striving unstopped,
Praying for not self, but humanity, always top…. 100

Dadhichi was Super, died for the world,
Sacrificed his life, for happiness of the world…. 101

Holy Vedas, Upanishads, good it to learn,
But for society and humanity, better is to burn…. 102

Extricating oneself, from Maya of the world,
Trotting on the path, untrodden, is only worth…. 103

Dispel all your doubts, and throw off your anxieties,
Surrender unquestionably, get rid of perplexities…104

Simple is the way, to blend in Him,
Dissolve your all, only in Him… 105

Time has come to rekindle, your heart,
Sublimate yourself, by learning that art…. 106

It’s not so trying, nor it is fraught,
Needs it only always you to trot…. 107

Unceasing longing, unending desires,
Quenching all thirst, throw all bizarre…. 108

Simplest is the way, attaining wholeness,
Shed all “haves”, and work for “No-Ness” …. 109

Zero is Nothing, Empty is Whole,
Wish that state, else, you will miss a goal…. 110

Cyclic is the run, birth after birth,
Living in a womb, and going to a tomb…. 111

Break fishy circuit, false its galore,
Glittering is not true, why all you adore…. 112

Once in a life, destiny will blink,
Receive with grace, His elixir to drink… 113

One life for nation, no scriptures to be chant,
Your dream he loves, surely, He will grant…. 114

This was the appeal made by Swamiji,
He urged all Indians to devote intensely……. 115

Never he desired to achieve own Mukti,
Nor he penanced for emancipation or Shakti…… 116

He travelled the globe, Europe to Amerika,
Left no stone unturned, to popularise the Vedas….117

Lucky got encharmed, by Guru’s divinity,
All Chakras awakened, realised Nation’s virility…. 118

Youths were impelled, to devote life for nation,
And devote their youth, for India’s incarnation…. 119

He wished for hundred, agile, astute, beholders,
To resting Mother India on their shoulders… 120

His dream was grand, uplifting all to eulogise,
Usurp all power, to gain India’s lost paradise…… 121

India, The Exalted Mother, of million sons known,
Astounding Saptarshis, beyond billions, unknown…122

Each one of us, rededicate for Mother India,
To regain the glory and to make Invincible India…. 123

Swami Cherished this dream, for society & nation,
Neither he dreamt for Mukti, Heaven or gratification.124

Inherit sacred legacy, of grand erudite hermit,
Awaken, Stand up and Illuminate India bright….… 125

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