Reclaim Divinity

A day has dawned and urge cropped up
Somebody ignited to learn and stand up.
Never dreamt it all, for years together,
God always have, plan for us better.
Unaware are we, what are his plans,
But better to have it, as has planned.
Future always holds, surprises for us,
Everybody tries, to decode with fuss.
Let us not lose, the charm of Now,
Enjoy what comes, wonderful for thou.
All of us are sailing, to sail that afar,
Lamenting with fear, unnecessary, far and far.
Redeem all worries, and dump those far,
Reclaim our divinity, loving Him from heart.
Abundant his love, limitless are his boons,
Receive in humility, bliss, grace very soon.
Infinity is His name, Omnipresence is grand,
Omnipotent his reality, acquire to withstand.

Cosmos is enormous, He flows everywhere,
All are included, sway merrily anywhere.
Oceans are deep and divine His grace,
Space is invisible, Universe is His face.
Millions are His ears, trillions are his eyes,
Innumerable neurons, impeccable and wise.
He is All and showering the nectar,
Opening the fountains bestowing elixir.
OM is Nucleus, Universal is He,
Revere His Grace, everyone is He.
Sound is Only One, nothing better than OM,
Stop searching unknown, by reading a tome.
Extricate yourself, from clutches of lust,
Immerse all WANTS, dip all with trust.
Liberate thyself, and fly to thy Inner Space,
Find great gleaming, celestial solace.
Never it is too late, every start is good,
Better it is always, than not doing, instead.
Arise, Awake and inspire, it is Your turn,
Nobody has time, Hey! Only you need to run.
Now or never, this is The Time best,
Do not while away, worst may come next.
Dreams never deliver, colourful hopes,
Dreamers remain awake, strive for epitomes.
Hope is the life, true it in many ways,
Sheer hoping is futile, no success flyways.
First step is Great, it starts your journey,
Lifts your Soul, it demystifies your agony.
Nothing is so lovely, to have one moved,
Look back Oh Dear! always go forward.
Yogis are determinant, craters of Culture,
Humans are intricate, they have to nurture.
Kali has arrived, three thousand year by now,
Nothing can protect you, Except, chanting for Wow.
Mukti is illusion, far away from reality,
Emancipation but another, deceptive futility.
Waited you enough, anticipating miracles,
Wonders never happen, banking on impossible.
Vedas are encapsulated, sutras are coded,
Hymns are enchanted, hermits have decoded.
Simple is the way, surrender to Him in Totality,
He is not different, remember this reality.
Millions of Yugas, flown and withered away,
Chanting His name, you will get Him on way.

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