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Kashmir and Chhattisgarh – Terrorists and Naxals

I do not remember a month since long, when there was no news either from Kashmir or Chhattisgarh, of attacks on security forces and police personnel. Either our soldiers or policemen are killed in brutal attack or Terrorists and Naxals are killed. Then, combing operations are launched and sometimes our forces succeed in their combing operations and either capture or kill the miscreants. It sounds nice then, but the fundamental question is when repeatedly such coward attacks are made and we lose our brother soldiers and policemen, it hurts to see their coffins wrapped up in national tricolor and family members are in utter sadness.

Kashmir being easily accessible by known enemy, Pakistan, but even then, if we can plan Uri mission, why not once and for all, we comb and sanitise the Jammu and Kashmir once and for all. It is a fact that the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are supported by local anti-national elements, clandestinely. So, it may be difficult to comb, as it is exactly not known which area should be combed; but for the security and integrity of the nation, once it has to be done.

Now, coming to Chhattisgarh. It is surprising that the said mineral rich state is away from all boundaries of the country. It is surrounded by Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal. It means practically, there is no direct land access or sea access for smuggling the arms and ammunition by whatever way. Then, from where those Naxals are getting rifles, rocket launchers, land mines and so on. Our police force together with specially trained commandos, with the help of drones and satellites can definitely locate the exact location, strength and expanse of Naxals. The Indian army is quite competent to deal with the situation. It is agreed that defense forces are not meant for domestic purposes; but then, the challenge of Naxals is not ordinary one. In the past, Veerappan had also played a havoc for quite long time and police of 3-4 states could not capture him. In this case of Naxals, it is politically misguided merciless force.

It is propagated that development and welfare shall change the hearts of Naxals and local tribal population and shall motivate them to give up their undemocratic ways and help them to join main social stream. It is only dream and shall remain a dream always. The desperate conditions demand desperate remedies. The life-threatening maladies require surgical intervention basically, to eradicate the ailment from roots.

It is not a question of money being wasted but valuable lives of army soldiers and police personnel are lost continuously. Their families are devastated. The apprehending or killing terrorists or Naxals is equally important and crucial. Internal Security is as important as external security of the nation. It is high time that Home Minster, Defense Minister and External Affairs Minister sit down together with Chief of Defense Staff, obtain valuable inputs from intelligence agencies like RAW and draw a master strategy to annihilate the disgruntled anti-national forces, which are continuously trying to destabilize the peace and social order. It will not be a conventional war. The so-called humanitarian activists will suddenly rise up and make hue and cry for human rights. The pseudo-nationals will shout loudly that human values are trampled down. The democratic hypocrites will storm social media at home and abroad to cry foul; but it will be alright for protecting the integrity and sovereignty of the nation and protecting the valuable lives of our soldiers and police personnel. In any democratic country, constitutionally established government has lawful rights to protect and preserve the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country. It is the responsibility of the government to protect its nationals and ensure that the right to life of its citizens, as enshrined in and guaranteed by the constitution is well respected, protected and preserved, at any cost.

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2 thoughts on “Kashmir and Chhattisgarh – Terrorists and Naxals

  1. Bharat mata ki jai.and I salute all our soldiers and those who is involved to resolved the issues .Definitely its true and I also sure that out soldiers and
    running government has been resolved this issues ASAP…Thanks for sharing you nice thoughts on such major subject and matters

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