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Do we have Time to Reflect………

Time, in fact, is a ‘State of Consciousness, which is immemorial and immortal, if we are aware and awakened. The deep-sleep of not being aware, pushes us into unconscious state, when we are timeless and unbound by time. It really means we are not ‘Here and Now’ and shall not be then and there; because we are forgetting the Primary Process’ of ‘being aware’, leave apart the Secondary Processes’, which are encroaching upon us. Many a times, our search for ‘Self’ is motivated by desire for freedom, from hope for ‘Nirvana’, Enlightenment, Love, Immortality or Spontaneity; but what we actually receive may be something different but so precious and vital that we might even forget our original goals, even the ‘Search for Awareness’.

Time is always traveling unaffected by any another thing and this travelling of time is all pervasive and takes us with it, in its tireless journey; whose destination is not known. However, time does not exclude us and does not allow us to stow away, remaining unaffected by other Secondary Processes. Even while writing this…..a Primary Process, I am touched by a Secondary Process…….I went back, being at the same time here also, and peeped into an article / editorial from ‘Time for Reflection’ penned by Bhanumathy in Vol. 6, No. 2…April-June 1992 of ISABS Newsletter; wherein she questions, “Are we ready for exploration and search in this direction?” She went further and stated quoting Carl Jung that the acceptance of oneself is the essence of the moral problem and epitome of a whole outlook upon life. I got infatuated with this and immediately she pulled me to look at Ken Wilbur and made me join him in reflection on linkages to Modern Science of Soul to Ancient Traditional Wisdom, which challenges, “but should we seek to go beyond the confines of the individual’s self to find an even richer and fuller level of consciousness”.  

I prefer and choose to talk about the “Process”, which, to me, is Information. It comes to us in specific ways or through definite channels, such as seeing, hearing, moving, feeling, relationship and the world. The Primary Process is the part we call “I”, the part which we see “doing” our life, playing certain rules, working and performing duties.  And this thought that ‘I do that’ is, in fact, ‘Biiiiiiig Ego’, which Sanskrit is called as ‘Ahankar’.

Equally important is the Secondary Process, which, usually we call “Distraction”. Some of the greatest people are those, who with the brute strength and force of their primary process and the distinguished human qualities to discern, overcome personal problems, struggle through impasses, become individual, go against the judgment of their neighbor in becoming themselves and do all of this without recognition.

Instead of getting caught up in so called “Distraction”, even knowing, understanding and recognizing them as a real test to experience one, I feel you, I reach you. You reach me. I like you, You like me…….but still being both of us “Here and Now”, we are individuals, separate, distinct and may be even “mutually exclusive”. This state will help us to follow our own inner processes, which are time-bound. We are also time-bound by each moment and each breath, which is not an infinite process and has to be lived with instantaneously and spontaneously. There will be times, when we are required to visualize whole life and universe, dance for God, count breaths, focus on our outer persona, search the forest for answers, or love our partners. This multitudinousness is so varied, beautiful, enchanting and enthralling. Our individual process may teach us every known ritual or drop us into the depths of unknown experiences and we have to be ready and willing to experience this also, uninvited. Whatever we do, see, talk, walk, laugh, cry or dance; the basic urge is influenced by “Time Consciousness”, whether we agree or not. Time teaches us the toughest things and thereby enables us to feel the tenderness of love, flower, snow…….and though all these seem different processes, but, I tell you, in reality, they’re not. The process of differentiating “Toughness” and “Tenderness” originates in us, out of our own choices, which are shaped by Time. It is an exquisite process, which reorients everybody, for all times to come, unceasingly.

Oh! I have already come back to my Primary Process, in which I was reflecting on time, when a secondary process barged in asking me, “Are you having a ‘Time for Reflection’?” And what a wonder! In my primary process, I was reflecting only. Isn’t it? How beautiful is this co-incidental phenomenon! And such things do happen in our lives, if we are aware and true to ourselves in a process of being “Authentic”. I have experienced this. And Fiends! I am sure, if you so desire earnestly and decide for yourselves, you will also experience this wonderful phenomenon like me. Decide and Get up. Do not waste time. Start right “Here and Now”. At this sentence, look within you what was the ‘Primary Process’. Sit down and write the way you want to verbalize your experience. I shall be glad to read that. And yes, it will not distract me, I assure you sincerely. 

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