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मुझे तूम नजरसे गिरा तो रहे हो…..
(सबाह फैझ अली)

You are demeaning me,
But you can never forget me
Do not know but
I am feeling it surely
That you could not,
Erase my love…..

Wherever you go,
You will remember me
Sometime like a song or,
In flowing tears on your
You will find me restless,
Anywhere you go
Because I have lighted me,
Love-lamp with sincerity,
And even if you want,
You could not darken my lamp…..

When you hear my name, Oh Dear,
You will be restless, and Mind,
You will miss a pulse; your eyes will be dampened
By a dark acute pain, and if somebody asks You,
Reason for your cry, even if you wish, Hey,
You will fall and fail to, tell the reason why….

My heart is beating like a wildfire,
And it is igniting my desires
By trickling my tears,
I am sure one day you will realise,
But then I will not be there, in your life,
And then, even if, you yearn to invite me,
You could not, so sad my Love…..

—Mukund Bhalerao

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