Is your Organisation Fragile, Frail or Fit?

An Inquisitive Question for Organisational Development

The Universe, the Human body and the Organisations have one similarity that they are dynamic and change constantly and continuously. They are synonymous in terms of ‘Change’. Nothing is constant in the cosmos, whether it is mountains, rivers, oceans, stars, galaxies or human boy. Externally, we look same every day. If we see a person after say ten years, definitely outwardly, there will be difference in his appearance, but it does not mean that we remained unchanged forever, always. Slowly, internally, we change every moment and get transformed into newer form every day, internally and intrinsically.

The human body replaces its own cells regularly. Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, have finally pinned down the “Turnover”. About a third of our body mass is fluid outside of our cells such as plasma, plus solids; such as the calcium scaffolding of bones. The remaining two thirds is made up of roughly 30 trillion (३० महापद्म / परार्ध म्हणजे १ ट्रिलीयन = १ लाख कोटी अर्थात १०१२) human cells. About 72% of these, by mass, are fat and muscle, which last an average of 12 to 50 years, respectively; but have far more tiny cells in our blood, which live only 3 to 120 days and lining our gut, which typically live less than a week. Those two graphs, therefore, made up of the giant majority of the turnover. About 330 billion [१ बिलियन = शंभर कोटी / अब्ज / समुद्र = १०९] cells are replaced daily, equivalent to about 1% of our cells. In 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion will have replenished the equivalent of a New You. [“A New You in 80 days” in Scientific American 324, 4, 76 (April 2021) doi: 101038scientific american0421-76’]

Though internally we become “New One” every day, we do not realise or perceive it. Wise are those who, in normal course, remain agile and aware and consult our physicians, to anticipate and take preventive steps, just like the manufacturer, of any automobile recommends periodical check-up and particular specific care of the vehicle, so electively, we can plan the most appropriate intervention. And when, we fail to do so, we land in an emergency situation.

This is because, we assume that since there are no apparent symptoms, we are healthy and no intervention is required, but that is deceptive and unrealistic. Same is true in a case of any organisations, small or big, engaged in manufacture, trade, profession or service providers, including healthcare organisations.

On this background, will it not be prudent to undergo a ‘Reality Check’, through some pre-planned diagnostic tests, to ascertain whether there is any; block in the arteries of the organisation. Just like artery carry oxygen-rich blood to various organs and tissues, which are parts of the circulatory system.

Angina is a type of chest pain; caused by reduced-blood—flow to the heart. Angina is a symptom of coronary artery disease. It is also called ‘Angina Pectoris’. It can be displayed through burning, fullness, nausea, shortness of breath, sweating etc. In such circumstances, cardiologists / physicians subject a patient to Electrocardiogram (ECG), Trade Mill Test (TMT / Stress Test) and in case abnormal changes are observed, he further advises to go for CT Angiography, Stress Thallium or Angiography; and in case of blockage, angioplasty is done to remove the blockages.

Organisations are similar to our body and any block anywhere, small or big, can hamper and hinder the healthy functioning of the organisation. And this necessitates the scanning of the organisation to detect, diagnose and treat the ailment. Like the methods mentioned above for human body, the organisations can also be subjected to some diagnosis tests to determine, detect, diagnose and diffuse, before it is too late.

Even when a vaccine for Polio, Pneumonia or Corona is taken, we still need to take a ‘Booster Dose’. Isn’t it? Therefore, even if some interventions were deployed in the organisation in the past, a ‘Booster Dose’ is desirable, always.

Will you not like to explore once again about such ‘Precautionary Dose’ for your organisation? I am sure you will certainly not like to risk your organisation, in any case. Indian Ancient Surgeon Maharishi Sushrut has stated in Chapter-3 of his epitomic treatise on surgery,

“वातव्याधिकमर्शांसी साश्मरिश्च भगन्दर: |
कुष्ठमेहोदशमूढोविद्रधि: परिसर्पणम् ||१३||
ग्रंथिवृद्धिक्षुशूकभग्नाश्च मुखरोगिकम् |
हेतुलक्षणनिर्देशान्निदानानीति षोडश ||१४|”

These are sixteen areas in the human body for diagnosis. With the same logic there are different areas, functions, processes in the organisation, like Structure, Systems, Styles, Staff, Skills, Strategy, Shared Values and Speed; where there could be problems, which are, unknowingly, silently but gradually impairing the functionality. Like a human body, both anatomical and as well as systemic fitness is necessary for the organisation too. Many a times, like human body, there are alarms given by the body but we tend to overlook them and dismiss without doing the ‘Root Cause Analysis (RCA)’ and when those problems attain the bigger, larger and threatening form and scale, we run helter-skelter in chaotic way; but then we are left with no time and fewer options or no option at all to choose from.

In order to do a proper prognosis, you need to pre-emptively act. Wise people just do not wait and watch the changes to arrive to respond, when they will arrive; but anticipate the changes and plan beforehand for dealing with them, like a chess-player.

Awake, Arise and Act Now, because the ‘Power of Now’ is magically tremendous.

Mukund Bhalerao
24th October 2022 / Morning: 10:36

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