Had she dissolved in thin ether

My flight swiftly took off
One at a morn,
Clear was the sky
Stars fully adorned………

It was an Air India
Fourteen hour flight
Mumbai to New York
Non-Stop flight……….

It was a Boeing 777
Had huge wide body,
Felt like a village flying
Carrying 400 citizens…..

It was half past one
A charming Airhostess
Elegantly descended
To my seat faltered1……..

Paper was snow white
Bearing a name ‘Swarupa’,
Embossed and attractive
Who is that Swarupa?

Curious was I,
Aromatic2 was a letter,
Aesthetic was writing
Curly words sweeter……..

Words were few
Looked like pearls,
Oh My dear Friend!
Let’s have happy whirl3…..

‘I am here cosy
In executive class,
Invite you here
Join me, your lass’4……..

Moment I read those
Couple of lines,
Airhostess flashed
Her beautiful eyelids………

‘She upgraded You
Sir, on her sweet will,
Please follow me,
And oblige her will……….

I was perplexed
To listen those words,
Could not recapitulate
‘Swarupa’ nomenclature………..

Followed that hostess
Through a dim lit aisle5,
Long was the way
To executive class style……..

She was very composed
Browsing Sanskrit scripture,
Immaculately she donned
Pristine6 golden attire……

She seemed not Indian
Nor was she American,
Blonde7 were hair, Aye8
Brownish eyes &
Perfect mannerism …….

My shade shadowed
Scripture she was reading,
She stood greeted in awe,
‘Namo Namah!’
Respectfully saying……..

I felt intuitively
It was a reverence9 feat10,
Her slender soma11
Flexed12, before I sit………..

‘I know you Mukund!
From ages together,
But always it remained
Half recited hymn’13…….

My mind was trying to
Travel in the past,
To unravel what she said
By regression to life past14………

‘Oh Dear You Exalted! 15
Why don’t you oblige me?
Dreamy your invitation
To travel from India
You and Me……

Was it my Aatman!
Travelled across continents?
Or was it a pretention?
My absolute countenance! 16

Where are you?
You are here physically
But you aren’t here and now……

Her melodious words
And invigorating17 touch,
Electrified whirling
My Inner world……..

‘Oh yes, You Manye! 18
I was delving19 in last birth,
To find whether you are
A kinswoman20, either…….

‘I knew you were
Surfing in the déjà vu21,
But you did not know
I was there with you’…….

Her utterance was in softest tone
Warm was it, mellifluous22 Jo! 23
The enchanted and pleasing
Resonating flow……

I had rested in a next
Seat to her beside,
She was entering me
Through my moist eyes…….

She entered through
My cranial nerve24 here,
Passed through visual cortex25
Touched occipital lobe26 there…..

A fountain of exhilaration27
Sprinkled the nectar dews28,
Elated my senses
My joy knew no bounds…….

In a milliseconds, Aha! 29
She whispered in a Wow!
Like melodious heavenly bells
Unceasingly ringing in a Wow…..

In triumphant ecstatic flow30
An electric wave disband,
Igniting millions of neurons31
Reached my pineal gland32……

Clasped33 her in a trance34
Felt a sudden shock,
Flight had landed
Wide opened my eyeballs…….

I had got a thunder shock
She vanished from there,
My intelligence was berserk35
Had she dissolved in thin ether36?

In my utter bewilderment37
I asked questioned airhostess,
‘Where is she?
‘Sir, we searched her
But could not find her……

An elongated sweet voice
Hummed in my eardrums,
‘Hey, you Exalted!
I’m here, not gone anywhere…..

I only become ‘Videhi’38
Which I learnt from you,
I shall never leave
Till I totally, dissolve in you.

Do not forget ever
Our heavenly vow,
Till emancipation39
No disengagement,
Neither I, nor you……

‘Oh yes, Arye40 You!
Sure, we will traverse41
Together in aromatic expanse42
Searching for the meaning
In a vast cosmos……

‘Sir, we have landed
You are last passenger to go,
With whom you were talking
I couldn’t see anybody, who?’

Oh I am sorry!
You gorgeous aircrew,
Soundarya! I am grateful
And millions of Thank you……….

© Mukund Bhalerao
Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar
26th July 2023 / 16:30
27th July 2023 / 00:41

01) Faltered = Hesitated
02) Aromatic = Scented
03) Whirl = Dance together
04) Lass = Beautiful young girl
05) Aisle = Walkway
06) Pristine = Unspoiled
07) Blonde = Golden coloured hair
08) Aye = Yes
09) Reverence = Respect
10) Feat = Act / Action
11) Soma = Physical body
12) Flexed = Bent forward
13) Hymn = Mantra
14) Past Lie Regression = Peep into past under hypnotism
15) Exalted = Illustrious
16) Countenance = Face
17) Invigorating = Stimulating
18) Manye = Word to call a woman respectfully
19) Delving = Investigation
20) Kinswoman = A related woman
21) Déjà vu = A feeling of somebody or something has seen before
22) Mellifluous = Pleasant
23) Jo = Darling / Beloved
24) Cranial nerves = These are back at brain and send electrical signals between brain, face, neck and torso. It also helps to taste, smell, hear and feel.
25) Visual cortex = It is primary cortical region if the brain that receives, integrates and processes visual information relayed from the retinas.
26) Occipital lobe = It is visual processing area of the brain. It is associated with visuospatial processing, distance, and depth perception, colour determination, object and face recognition and memory formation.
27) Exhilaration = Excitement
28) Nectar dews = Droplets of Amrut
29) Aha = Exclamation of happiness.
30) Flow = Stream
31) Neurons = These are information messengers. They use electrical and chemical signals to send information between different areas of the brain, as well as between the brains, the spinal cord and the entire body.
32) Pineal gland = One of the tiny gland in human brain that is located beneath the back of part of corpus callosum and is a part of the endocrine system.
33) Clasped = Embraced
34) Trance = Spell
35) Berserk = Crazy, mad
36) Ether = Air, Atmosphere, Sky
37) Bewilderment = Confusion
38) Videhi = Bodiless
39) Emancipation = Liberation
40) Arye = Nice way to address a woman
41) Traverse = Navigate, Cross
42) Expanse = Span, Stretch, Space

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