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I dissolved in Elixir

It was an evening flight
We took off from Guwahati,
And was heading to
Agartala in Tripura……

Sun was setting in West
And dusk was coming,
In slow-steady beautifully
Minute by minute……….

All of a sudden, thunder
Set on and plane was
Dwindling in turbulent sky
Horrifying us all………

Wobbling and trembling
Lightening was rampant,
Clouds were darker thicker
And flight was nose-diving……

Pilot was trying his best
To maintain the altitude,
To make plane steady
But still aircraft was

Announcement came in
“We are overflying Agartala
And heading for Kolkata
Due to bad weather”…….

I was chanting Amba,
My family goddess to,
Save us all in that

Landed at Kolkata but
Was feeling very bad,
As thought that I missed
Darshan of Tripureshavari………

Next day morn, flew back to
Agartala, with lot of hopes,
To go for worship and prayers
In evening way……….

Sun set in a West
And I was on way to
Udaipur – Tripureshwari
With hope and calm………..

A small beautiful hillock
Like a bump of tortoises
Holding the pious shrine
Of Tripur Sundari………

Prominent place amongst
Hundred and Eight
The Energy-Centres
Is Tripur Sundari….…..

Gravitated and was felt pulled
inside the sanctum deep
Electrifying me all over and
I submerged in divineness……..

Wave energy started vibrating,
with my invocation, in my
Swadhishthan Chakra, and
Something was steering me
With high energy impulse………

Emotions and pleasure
Unmatched, pure and divine
Beamed in my inner world,
And energised my all three

A serpentine upheaval
Went swiftly crossing
My all Seven Chakras
In Milliseconds, and
I dissolved completely in
The Ocean of Elixir……

An Unuttered & Unpronounced
Chant evolved humming, calm,
Steady, Sweet and Melodious
Emotional Prayer of
Aadi Shankaracharya……

कदम्बवनवनसिनीं कनकवल्लकीधारिणीं
महार्हमणिहारिणीं मुखसमुल्लसद्वारुणीम्|
दयाविभवकारिणीं विशदलोचनीं चारिणीं
त्रिलोकचनकुटुम्बिनीं त्रिपुरसुंदरीमाश्रये ||२||
A goddess who lives in vicinity of
Kadam trees, who is holding a
Golden Veena in her hand,
Who is wearing very expensive
Diamond necklace, whose face is,
Illuminating with sparking light,
Who bestows wealth and fame on
Those who submit to her for her
Blessings, whose eyes are calm,
And bright, who always travels
And who is the wife of Lord
Mahesh, I seek Abode to that Goddess Tripursundari…..

पुरन्दरपुरंध्रिकां चिकुरबन्धसैरंध्रिकां
पितामहपतिव्रतां पटपटीरचर्चारताम् |
मुकुन्दरमणीमणीं लसदलंग्क्रियाकारिणीं
भजामि भुवनांबिकां सुरवधूटिकाचेटिकाम् ||८||
Wife is Lord Indra helps her for
Hair dressing, Wife Lord Brahma
Is busy in skilfully applying her
Scented body-lotion,
Wife of Lord Vishnu adorns her
With diamond ornaments and
Women from heaven serve her,
I pray that Goddess Tripursundari…..

© Mukund Bhalerao
Ponda – Goa – INDIA
Date: 9th April 2024
Time: Evening 7 p.m.

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